Small Fluffy Blending Brush B420

Small Fluffy Blending Brush B420

SKU: B420

A brush you MUST HAVE for quick but precise blending. If you've been loving our B215, you will surely love this one too! It is small yet fluffy enough to help you get rid of harsh lines while blending. 


All the brushes are Vegan, 100% Cruelty-Free, Super-Soft, Multitasking and Durable

Brush Hair Specs:

Material - Synthetic Hair

Brush Ferrule Specs:

Material: Aluminium

Brush Handle Specs:

Material: Wooden

*Handle Height (cm): 10.7

Designed by: Boujee Beauty, India

Country Of Origin: PRC

*Note: As the brushes are handmade, dimensions may vary slightly